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Victoria Jane Photography
Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography
Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography Victoria Jane Photography
Terms and Conditions - Booking a Wedding/Event

1. Weddings and Civil Partnership ceremonies

The word 'wedding' in the following text will cover all events that are legally recognised in English law including Church wedding services, civil ceremonies in Register Offices, hotels or other licensed premises and Civil Partnership Ceremonies in licenced premises. It also covers all events and venues that form part of your celebrations on your special day.


Wedding Photography - General Guidelines and Explanations

(The following text is not a legally binding contract, it is intended to form an explanation and provide general guidelines that apply to our approach to providing wedding photography services)

Please meet with us to discuss your requirements (No Obligation)

If you think you would be interested in booking us to do your wedding photography and you'd like to find out more we would love to hear from you. We like to meet you so that we can get to know each other and to give you the opportunity to decide if you like us and what we do! We never assume that you will be booking us from the start and there is absolutely no obligation to book us if you do meet us. We are NOT pushy sales people!

We will often visit you at your home or at the proposed wedding venue.

Wedding Photography Booking Form and Contract

(incl. terms and conditions document)

If you make the decision to book a wedding with us we will issue you with a contract through the post. The contract will consist of a booking form (asking you to give known details of the wedding date, ceremony time, venues, contact details, standard package costs without extras etc), terms and conditions of booking, payment schedules, summary of expected coverage on the day, additional costs (if relevant) and details about after-sales photo products. You will be asked and advised to read the full document carefully, contact us with any questions, and when happy, sign and return it to us with the initial booking deposit. You will normally be given 3 weeks in which to do this before we release the day for other bookings again.

Once you have booked, returned your signed form and paid your deposit (and payment is cleared) we will then reserve the day for you and we won't book anyone else on that day. This means that if you change your mind (for whatever reason) we may have lost the opportunity to book up another wedding for that day. For this reason the booking deposit is normally non-refundable and it is very important that you accept that this is reasonable.

Once your booking deposit has cleared we will photocopy the whole document and post the copy back to you with a receipt for your payment.

Spreading the Payments

We help you to spread the cost of your wedding photography as described below. This makes us quite different to many photographers who either insist on full payment at the time of booking or before the wedding day itself.

We are not licensed to offer credit terms, so we don't!

We give you the option to spread your payments as follows;

We will discuss and agree a basic package price (For example, say £800)

First Payment of 25% is due at the time of booking (the booking deposit) (in this example = £200)

Second Payment of 50% is due one month before the wedding day (or sooner) as an interim payment (in this example = £400)

Final Payment of 25% is due after your wedding at the time you choose your images for your album (or within one month of your wedding day if sooner) (again, in this example = £200)

Additions - If you want other photo products not covered in our original package we will ask for payment before they are produced. (See Below)

Additional Costs

You can, at any time, decide to upgrade your chosen package or ask for extra coverage on the day or extra products to be included. If these make a fundamental change to the coverage and our costs we may ask for extra payment at the intermediate stage one month before the wedding day. However, if possible, we will simply ask for an increased final payment instead.

After-Sales of Photo Products

Other photo products can be bought separately through our website or by contacting us directly and these will incur an extra cost over and above the package price. Our prices are very fair and very competitive.

What happens if you (the bride and groom) fail to pay the agreed money due before the wedding?

We'll do our best to make contact to find out why and what the reason is. Unless we have very good reason to believe that you've got no intention of paying we'll still attend your wedding and take the photographs! However, you won't get any of the images (even in proof form on the website) until you pay the full balance! We think this is fair!

Communication and Contact Details

This is key! Please make sure we've got as many ways of contacting you as possible. We don't hassle people but you are paying us to do our best for you! If we need to ask questions as part of our planning we need to have up-to-date contact details and we'd hope you would keep us informed if anything changes.

Other Photographers and Videographers

We work in the expectation that you haven't employed another professional photographer as well as us. Likewise, we'd like to know if you've asked a friend or relative to do some amateur photography as well. It's not our job to help them but we'll do our best not to obstruct. We would, of course, expect that they would respect our position, work around us, try not obstruct us and that we will have automatic priority in terms of location, positioning and opportunity to get the best shots for you!

Professional videographers, if good, will rarely 'get in the way'. However, if you do ask a videographer to be present we would appreciate you requesting that they allow us access to get our photographs at all times without obstructing us.

In truth, other guests with mobile phone cameras and small compacts are an increasing obstruction at weddings. We will always be polite and courteous but will may, from time to time, need to ask them to allow us to get the shot and not stand in our way. You need to accept that we are employed to do this but if guests are obstructive we may miss certain shots through no fault of ours.

'Group Shots' and 'Must Have' shots

We will ask to formally meet with you before your wedding day at least once, usually at the main venue(s). In this meeting we will ask you for information about important events you'd like capturing, special dresses, shoes, cars ...anything!..also who you would like us to photograph individually and in group shots. We would appreciate it if you could prepare for this before we meet. It's also helpful if we are informed about potential conflicts between guests and any shots you don't want us to get! It happens, and we are very discrete in our approach to sensitive scenarios if they exist.

Two Photographers

If you choose one of our 'Album Packages' we will usually plan to supply two photographers for the day. The second photographer, if available, is supplied free of charge. Vicky will always be the 'lead photographer' but the second photographer (often Vicky's husband, Gary) will be there to assist and to use a variety of cameras and lenses to obtain extra shots from different angles and giving different image effects. Many of these shots will capture the story of your wedding day in a more informal way. Often, guests will be unaware of the long camera lens from across the room and so the images are usually very natural!

Poor Weather Contingency

We bring on-camera and off-camera flash units to all weddings to enable indoor photography. However, we don't like leaving things to chance and so for all album packages and especially for those at larger venues we will being our studio lighting equipment for use indoors in case of poor weather. The use will, of course, depend on the space available inside the venue.

It is perhaps worth pointing out that most wedding photographers we know of don't do this.

Posting your Images to our Websites

After your wedding we will have many images to go through. We will spend many hours sorting through the images to select the best ones that together tell the story of your wedding day. All images will be colour-corrected, suitably cropped, and some will be manipulated to give a mixture of full colour, black and white, occasionally sepia and/or with 'colour-popped' effects. A plentiful selection of these 'ready to print' images will then be posted to the password-protected wedding galleries section of this website. Normally, only the bride and groom (or the person making the booking with the bride and groom's permission) will be issued with the password login details. you will then have full control over who can view the full range of images. Alternatively, at your request, we can provide the password to all approved guests via email or on a business card presented to them at the wedding itself.

Teaser Images on Our Blog Site

A very popular service among modern high quality photographers these days is to provide a sample of up to about 10 'teaser images' within a day or two of the wedding on our separate blog site ( ). These are NOT password-protected and so are open for viewing by the general public. We will normally post some specially chosen images to this site as a teaser to give you and your friends/family something to remind you of the day whilst we are working on the majority of your images. We are very mindful of only posting appropriate images to this site and it is not normal for us to post images of children unless we have the parent's permission.

Choosing Images for your Album or other Photo Products

If you are choosing images for your album we will provide you with a spreadsheet by email or by post for you to fill in. You will be asked to indicate which images are 'must haves', which ones you definitely don't want and those that you like buy aren't necessarily your favourite ones. We will then design your album based on your wishes.

As described above, when you select your images for your album we do require the final 25% of the package price payment before we send the design images off to the album manufacturers in Italy.

All images will be available to purchase individually directly from our website or by selecting the ones you like and emailing a list to us. There is virtually nothing that we can't do ..... and the cameras we use are easily high enough quality to handle any request we are ever likely to get for enlarged images, if desired. We have a very comprehensive range of high quality photo products on this website and many others beside, all at very competitive prices.

Where will we travel to for your wedding?

We do wedding photography throughout the West midlands and Warwickshire. Our standard travelling costs are included in our album package prices for all weddings that take place in the following cities, towns and nearby surrounding villages: Coventry, Rugby, Kenilworth, Solihull, Birmingham, Bedworth, Nuneaton, Warwick, Leamington Spa, Southam, Knowle, Balsall Common, Meriden, Stratford Upon Avon, Walsall, parts of Leicestershire, Staffordshire and the East Midlands.

We are willing to talk to other couples who wish to book us to photograph at weddings further-afield but depending on where the wedding is and which packages you book we may need to add a little extra to cover our additional travelling expenses or even accomodation if we need to stay over-night. Any extra charges are only intended to cover costs, not add to our profit.

Any Questions about Wedding Photography or Want to arrange to meet us?

Please call us on 07739096632 or 01788 575792



2. Family Photo Shoots and Portrait Sessions

From time to time we offer variations on the photo sessions that we offer and the prices we charge. However, we always have a standard package that we offer as follows:

Photo Shoot at Your home or Indoor Location of Choice

Standard Session charge = £50

This Pays for:

1. Vicky's attendance at the agreed location which is usually within about 20 miles radius of Rugby/Coventry but can be further afield.

2. Vicky will spend an hour or so photographing your family against the (white) back drop.

3. She will then prepare and post up to 50 images for you to view on the password-protected area of this website. Only our clients will be issued with the relevant password.

Note: Image print and product purchases are not covered within the £50 fee already mentioned. Products can be purchased by direct arrangement with Vicky (by telephone or email) or directly through this website. Products must be paid-for before we send images for printing.

Space Requirements - the location

You will need to have a room that is relatively clutter free with sufficient space as follows: At least 2.5m wide, at least standard ceiling height (2m high or higher), at least 3m length clear floor space. This is so that we can set up our equipment and have sufficient room to work.

The room needs to have a minimum of 2 power sockets that are in good condition and easily accessible.

Please choose a room with a floor that is free of rough surfaces that may damage the vinyl backdrop.

Responsibility for moving furniture, ornaments and valuable goods

Our lighting equipment is quite bulky and we carry it in large bags. It is entirely our clients responsibility to ensure that there is sufficient space for us to enter and exit the premises and that any breakable or valuable items are removed out of harms way before we arrive. this is also the case for large items of furniture. we would also respectfully request that floors are vacuumed or cleaned before we arrive so that our white backdrop is in top condition for the photo shoot.

Clothing and Outdoor or Hard-Soled Shoes

We ask that shoes are NOT WORN when standing on the backdrop which will be draped across the floor. we suggest you either have bare feet or wear clean socks for the photo shoot.

Children's Clothing - bright, colourful, trendy PLEASE! There is nothing worse than dull, lifeless clothing when photographing children, especially the very young! We would suggest at least one or two changes of clothing to add variety to the shots. Try to avoid very pale colours if you can. White is OK but not too much please.

Adult's Clothing - again, colourful if possible ... but make sure you are not uncomfortable and self-conscious. Above all, the images need to be a true reflection of you and your personality - so don't dress up in a wacky cowboy outfit if you are more of a librarian in terms of your normal demeanor!

Glasses (Spectacles) - can cause nasty reflections under the studio lights. I can usually get around this but if you are happy not to wear glasses then feel free! It helps!

Extra Time on Location - we try to gauge how long a photo shoot will take depending on the information you give to us at the time of booking. If, when we arrive, it becomes obvious that there is far more to do than planned we may need to agree an extra fee to cover the extra time on site and later choosing the images. Typically, we will ask for £30 for each additional hour of work.

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