Why Do Brides Wear a Veil? Everything You Need to Know About the Bridal Veil Meaning and Tradition!

Why do brides wear a veil? And What does a bridal veil symbolise? Find out everything here:

If you’ve ever wondered why a bride-to-be walks down the aisle wearing a beautiful bridal veil, then you definitely aren’t alone. Whenever brides plan their special day, they might look for common wedding traditions which they look to follow. Whilst widely accepted as a beautiful bridal accessory, most don’t know the history & symbolism of these traditional pieces.

One question that every bride might ask is, ” Does the bride have to wear a bridal veil?” In short, no rule states the bride must wear a wedding veil. Unlike in years past, women around the world largely view veils as a contemporary bridal tradition that signifies innocence and purity. Ultimately, wearing a wedding veil is entirely optional

But if you are unsure what the true meaning and traditions of the wedding veil are and learn more about answers to every wedding veil question that you may think of, this blog is just for you.

What’s the true bridal veil meaning?

It’s no secret that bridal veils are firmly entrenched in wedding history and traditions. Though, the true wedding veil meaning is often related to obedience and dignity.

Although the veil’s history varies based on who you ask, most experts agree that you can trace its roots back to Rome, where a bride used to walk down the aisle with a veil over her face in order to disguise herself from any evil spirits who wanted to thwart her happiness.

Other meanings are said to stem from the day’s of arranged marriages where the wedding veils would be to cover the fiancée face from her groom when they met for the first time on their Big Day! Queen Victoria was married in a white dress and a veil cascading down her back, “making her the first modern monarch to be married in a veil,” At that moment, the image of a bride was defined for centuries to come. Historically, veils were used to signify reverence for brides to cover their heads in religious ceremonies.

However, today brides still have the choice to include a veil in their look just because they love to wear it—not because of its historical meanings.

Bridal veil dos & don’ts

The best part of wearing a wedding veil is the drama it creates, so make sure yours is well anchored onto your head so it doesn’t fall off during the ceremony. Remember that it doesn’t have to look perfect: The point of a veil is that it floats behind you, so it will move as you do.

How do you keep a veil in place?

There is usually a comb attached to a veil that you can secure in your hair. But, if you want additional security (especially if you’re planning an outdoor wedding), then plan on buying some bobby pins. Get some that match your hair colour and place them on either side of your veil – most hairdressers will help you with this on you wedding day.  It’s always worth getting them to show this to one of your bridesmaids so they can help you pop it back in should it come out, or remove it at the end of the day.

When selecting a veil, choose a length of veil that perfectly matches the vibe of the wedding dress or the wedding theme that you’re going for. Longer veils tend to feel more dramatic and elegant, while shorter veils are fresh and fun.

Do veils make beautiful photos?

The simple answer is YES YES YES. Veils are elegant, and they can make wedding photographs even more attractive! With unique, eye-catching, cathedral-length veils additional creative, dramatic and elegant images of the newlyweds can be captured! There’s so much more for a bride to do for a gorgeous wedding photo when a veil is involved!

selection of beautiful bridal veil wedding photos
selection of beautiful bridal veil photos
selection of beautiful wedding veil wedding photos

How long should a wedding veil be?

One of the most essential things brides should need to look for in their bridal veil is its length. According to some experts, sweeping longer veils that end at the floor seems more dramatic & elegant, while shorter veils are fun and fresh. Shorter birdcage veils can range from 4-9 inches while the lengthier cathedral veil from 108-120 inches

So, when you opt for a long veil-like sweep veil, then keep in mind, it requires more care and prep, especially in outdoor events—breezy situations might disrupt a well-prepared long veil (bobby pins and prepped bridesmaid to the rescue!). Alternatively, you may wish to adapt to a short bridal style. There are many shorter styles that might perfectly suit you, such as a chapel veil to a fingertip veil or even a flyaway veil to a vintage blusher veil.


Some brides don’t feel the need to wear a wedding veil at all, and that’s trendy too. However, before dismissing a veil entirely just think: Your wedding day is likely the only time in your life that you’ll be able to wear something like this, so you may want to at least try a few styles on to see if you like them. Ultimately, wearing a wedding veil is entirely optional & if you don’t you won’t look any less bridal; stay true to your own style & preferences – it’s your big day after all ❤️

romantic photo of bride wearing a bridal veil kissing her husband

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